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Selling Quality Vacuums

High quality vacuum cleaners generally have greater suction power and significantly better air filtration than their budget counterparts.  These features are important to most home owners, especially those with allergies or indoor pets.

Many user friendly features are built into the design.  Auto sensors alert that an obstruction exits, the bag needs to be changed, or an auto height adjustment is being made.

Each brand we sell is made with high quality components and sturdier exteriors. These higher quality motors are the most energy efficient in the industry. Most customers find our machines easy to maintain.

With proper maintenance, you can see a premium vacuum cleaner last for at least 10 years, with some lasting 20 years. Lower quality vacuums have a much shorter typical lifespan, requiring replacement every 2 years or less. Oftentimes, the less expensive options end up being more costly in the long run.

The best vacuum cleaners generally have significantly better warranties than less expensive machines. Warranties differ depending on the brand and model. Make sure to educate yourself on the warranty specifics as well as the many features when comparing brands.

SEBO Vacuum Cleaners

Made in Germany, Sebo vacuums are built to last and easy to maintain.  The high level of quality and technology will not dissapoint.  Featuring top-notched filtration, powerful suction and aggressive cleaning features, the upright and canister vacuums are an excellent choice for homes with all flooring types, including tile, hardwood floors, thick or low pile carpet, and area rugs.  The X-series models have an automatic brush height adjustment, allowing effortless transition between different floor surfaces.

Lindhaus Vacuum Cleaners

The ambitious mission of Lindhaus, a family-owned Italian company, is to build the best multifunctional vacuum cleaners for domestic and professional use worldwide.  Select models feature a unique dry carpet cleaning mode, an alternate to wet carpet shampooing.  Lindhaus vacuums can be frequently found in healthcare facilities, schools and other commercial settings.  The sleek and modern designs, paired with the top-performing mechanics make the products comparable to Italian sports cars.

Maison Berger

Maison Berger purifies the air, destroys odors, and perfumes your home like no other system.  We carry one of the largest selections of these wonderful products in Alabama.

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We would love the opportunity to help you select the perfect vacuum that will best suit your specific needs.  If you have furry friends, our featured brands perform well in removing pet hair and dander.